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About IT gives you better information and advice than you would expect directly from the vendor. It is knowledge-rich due to our wealth of field experience gained by long service to our customers. Our value-added professional technical and consulting services create unique competitive value for your business.

Consulting services that ensure successful business process projects

Our consultants are skilled business process management (BPM) experts who collaborate with you to gain a deep understanding of your business requirements. They apply their deep capabilities in BPM methodologies to your business in a number of ways. They can:

Help you strategize the best business and technical solutions for your unique requirements

Define the policies that will inform immediate and subsequent models

Select the right modelling methods

Model your processes & Manage the project from one end to the other

Support your deployment through key change management initiatives that onboard your employees

Train employees to maximise fulfilment of their roles

Our Business Solutions

Payroll & HCM

Software and Human Capital Management support your payroll and employee HR requirements.


Adaptable cloud and mobile technology manages resources effortlessly, from anywhere.

Warehouse Manager

Controlled processes, stock accuracy, accurate and error-free transactions with unparalleled ease of transacting, help you manage the warehouse effectively.

Workflow Manager

Our Web-based Workflow Manager or Business Process Management (BPM) solution seamlessly integrates workflows and back-office ERP.


Access sales, marketing and customer services information simultaneously to make quick, informed, expert decisions that engender trust from your customers.

Mobile Procurement

Originate and/or authorize procurement requests from your mobile device.

E-commerce Integrator

Obtain real-time, online sales, price updates, and accurate quantities on hand by integrating ERP back-office inventory systems with your e-commerce platform.

Data Integrator

Automate integration between various 3rd party solutions to back-office systems. Seamless integration through XML that will receive Purchase Orders from Customers directly into your back-office systems that save time and provide 100% accuracy.

Asset Tracking

The App is very user friendly. Simply send a link via sms or email and the user can track the asset.

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