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Why ERP projects fail faster than ever under lockdown
The speed at which companies found they must transform saw many take the first opportunity to upgrade to a cloud ERP solution. Many companies are running to the cloud now amid the urgent need to digitalize operations but it’s magnifying some of the biggest challenges that cause enterprise resource planning
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Why Business agility is essential for growth in 2021
 What Is Agility? Business agility is the ability of an organization to sense changes internally or externally & respond accordingly to deliver value to its customer. This is not just scaling agile across an IT department, business agility is being agile at the organizational level; Organizations are complex so business
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Barriers to leveraging cloud ERP
Gerrit Olivier, CEO of About IT A lot of small to medium business owners want the same benefits for their operations as large enterprises have been getting from ERP for decades now. They want the benefits of rising above the plain old accounting package that may have stood by them
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5 ways big data influences south African Ecommerce
    The South African eCommerce market has seen significant growth in the last 12 months. with the pandemic accelerating the shift in user purchasing rights, revenues are projected to reach US$4,057m in 2020. Data collection has played a significant role in the way  businesses interact with consumers. Traditionally, data
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How ERP Enables Digital transformation
Digital transformation is the talk of the town, often associated with innovative technologies such as IoT. AI & predictive analytics. ERP, however, seldom receives similar enthusiasm but can play a crucial role in the transformation of companies. But how does ERP enable transformation? ERP technology is, by no means, new
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This is how SMEs get their money’s worth from their cloud ERP
By Gerrit Olivier, founder and CEO of About IT We’ve been helping customers deploy cloud ERP and BI dashboard solutions for some years now and we have learned an important secret about how to make it really cost-effective. Cloud ERP and BI dashboards are very effective at helping SMEs overcome
This is the best way to save your precious ERP project
By Gerrit Olivier, founder and CEO of About IT Companies implementing ERP systems are gearing for growth, responding to it, or both. They’re spending a lot of money in the process. These systems cost anywhere from R1 million to R10 million or more for small to medium businesses, or about
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4 reasons smart businesses are focussing on digital during the pandemic
By Phillip Kamungoma, Digital Specialist   The Global pandemic has highlighted the duality of the digital age. I’m sure you, as a business owner, have noted how some businesses have experienced growth while many struggle to keep the lights on. As many rush to digitize their processes amid this digital
How to set Acumatica Field as required.
by Nelius Woest, About IT CTO   I received a request from a client to make a field required in Acumatica. This can be done very easily with a minor customization which I will explain below. I will use the “Leads” screen CR301000 to make the email address required. First
How to Access Acumatica Open University
by Nelius Woest, About IT CTO When I do an implementation, I always make use of the Acumatica Open Universityto be my “Trainer”. The Acumatica Open University have all the training freely available for any current or future Acumatica user. They have 2 main learning paths which are the “Consulting Learning