"Our mission is to add value, guarantee our solutions, ensure complete client confidentiality, trustworthy expertise and supporting our Clients for Life."
- G.M. Olivier

Gerrit Olivier

Gerrit Olivier is an experienced CA (SA) with a rich history in the accounting and ERP industry. He also knows and understands what it takes to build a business from the ground up. He was instrumental in developing one of South Africa’s biggest IT brands, later sold to a large, local diversified IT group. This gives him first-hand experience of the challenges many customers face.

He skilfully helps customers develop their business strategies, adeptly helping them navigate their requirements from IT architectures to solutions, their inventory management needs, business intelligence requirements, cashflow systems, and data analysis. These foundational elements are the robust platform for solid business development from a Professional with a career-long focus in the field.
Gerrit’s accomplishments stem from his passionate interest in exploring new technologies that deliver innovative solutions to practical business challenges. His keen inquisitive scrutiny led him to develop About IT’s services and solutions cluster.

Hands-on training, coaching, and development have delivered numerous competent customer service personnel over the last 27 years. The same hands-on approach has also successfully seen to the rollout of enterprise-grade solutions. And Gerrit has matured his own project management (PM) methodology tailored to the uniquely challenging aspects of South African ERP and data analytics requirements.


We have successfully delivered business solutions for 15 years and it has earned us the trust of our customers across a number of industries. We have captured that experience in our proprietary engagement methodology that ensures high quality and customised business solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements.

Management consulting services

We provide professional and personalised business advice to ensure that your business requirements are aligned.

Business analysis & Workflow

Business Analysis as a practice helps to facilitate change in an organisation by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

Solution specific consultations

Our products are unique and our product managers will talk and walk you through each one to make sure you understand how they work and why they are suitable for your organisation.

Project Management

Gap analyses to establish what is required to ensure that the solutions and systems you have in your business are aligned with the strategies you want implemented.


At About IT, we have had the opportunity over the years to
offer our Service & Solutions to businesses in multiple industries.


Cloud based Solutions

Private Cloud

Exclusively used by a single organization and most often means computing resources are located on premises

Public Cloud

Exists off-premises at the Cloud providers site with shared computing and storage resources.

Hybrid Cloud

A combination of Private- and Public Cloud with data and application portability between the two.